Wow, I haven’t posted here in nearly a year. For a while last year, I was experimenting with a second blog where I could post quick little blurbs, links to interesting current events, but that never really took hold. I think part of it was it was just too much of a pain to post the little things. Plus, I don’t know, somehow I just got busy or somehting last summer.

So now it’s time to start again. I’ve changed over the blog system to something simpler than the WordPress system I was using before – Marco Arment’s Second Crack. It’s cleaner, a lot simpler, a whole lot faster, and also lets me easily publish things like slides, papers, or other media. It’s also got a simple applet that I can use to post “link posts,” and I’ll try again to start pulling out interesting looking things for comment.

Unlike WordPress, this site won’t have comments (I never got many anyway), nor does it have a “subscription” option (for the 3 or 4 people who received copies of posts in email). A RSS feed is available, and hopefuly I’ll have automatic tweeting of stories working as well.

Soon, hopefully, I’ll be able to put up a writeup of the 2014 DBIR puzzle (which I and Alex Pinto won first place on as a team!), and then maybe I’ll look for other puzzles which I haven’t written up yet, and talk slides which haven’t been posted. I’ll also keep hacking the Second Crack engine (I’ve got a short list of features I’d like to add).

So for the few of you who read the silly things I’ve posted here, thanks for reading, and hopefully soon you’ll have more content to wade through. :)