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Somehow, calling this “Publications” feels a little pretentious, but I really wasn’t sure what else to use. Basically, I wanted to be sure there was a good way to share slides from the talks I’ve given, or papers I’ve written, etc.

I know I’ve had people ask me after a talk for copies of the slides, and I know there are many who I’ve forgotten to get in touch with later. For that, I apologize. This way, I can just say “It’ll be on my website later today.”

Anyway, you can choose from:

Presentations - Slides (and eventually, maybe videos) from talks I’ve given. A quick list of the talks I’ve given (for many of which I don’t yet have slides posted).

Papers - More formal white papers, security advisories, and other such documentation that I’ve written or contributed to

Puzzle Data - Raw puzzle sources for some of the contests I’ve written about. Theoretically, you should be able to take the data from one of these pages and solve the puzzle as if it were still live. But in reality, it’s probably not so cut-and-dried.

If I think of other interesting things to put here…here’s where it’ll go.