Infosec Conference Badge Display

post type iconOct 17, 2017 - 600 Words -
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My first infosec con was the first ShmooCon, in 2005. Then I went to Black Hat and DEFCON. Then ShmooCon again. Then Vegas again. And before long, I had a whole lot of badges cluttering up drawers. Probably a code violation. (Circuit breakers are behind these doors). In 2010 I won, as part of the ShmooCon crypto contest, a stuffed moose head for the wall (“But not a real moose head, that’s cruel 🎶”).

New Website Engine

post type iconAug 7, 2017 - 800 Words -
A few years back, I moved from a fairly generic Wordpress-based blog to a statically-generated system based on secondcrack. It was a fairly simple system, that I immediately hacked up to add different post types, lists, and other taxonomy-like things. And I pretty much stole the look and feel of the primary site secondcrack was built for. It worked out pretty well, overall, but I did notice at times that it was a little too bare-bones.

New Standing Desk

post type iconAug 3, 2017 - 1100 Words -
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A few months ago, I set up my computer on a counter-level table in the home theater for a few days, to see what I thought of the idea of a standing desk. I liked it, but definitely didn’t want to be standing all the time. I needed something adjustable. Then a couple months later, The Wirecutter posted a review of standing desks, and their top pick was the Fully Jarvis Bamboo desk.