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Here I should have a short list or index of the tags used. Ideally, this would be automatically generated based on all the topics currently being used. Or maybe just the top ten.

For now, here’s just a list of the top 5, in roughly decreasing order of how much I’ve babbled about each topic.


Lists of items on the site, mostly about references (but could include posts), and generally more about the “kind” of document than about content. For now, I just have a few lists:

Post Types

The original Second Crack system supported two main post types: Posts (more in-depth original content) and Links (short commentary linking to outside sites). I’ve added References (short pages to describe specific media like talks or papers) and Cross Posts (local copies of blog entries hosted elsewhere. I could even include particularly interesting forum posts or other such items, I suppose, though I haven’t really tried to look for any such posts yet). I’ve also included archived comments from my old Wordpress site and the company site. You can easily see all posts for each type by clicking on the type icon (next to the date in the article header) or by selecting one of the following: