Put away the tin-foil: The Apple unlock case is complicated enough

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Apple and the FBI are fighting. The {twitter, blog, media}-‘verses have exploded. And FUD, confusion, and conspiracy theories have been given free reign. Rather than going into deep technical detail, or pontificating over the moral, legal, and ethical issues at hand, I thought it may be useful to discuss some of the more persistent misinformation and misunderstandings I’ve seen over the last few days. Background On February 16, 2016, Apple posted A Message to Our Customers, a public response to a recent court order, in which the FBI demands that Apple take steps to help them break the passcode on an iPhone 5C used by one of the terrorists in the San Bernardino shooting last year.

Mobile App Authentication using TouchID and Tidas

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Yesterday, the information security company Trail of Bits announced a new service, called Tidas. The service is intended to make it easy for developers to include a password-free authentication experience in mobile apps on the iOS platform. They’ve provided some sample code and a developer Guide / FAQ, and I’ve spent some time looking at it to try and understand how it works. Here are my first impressions. NOTE: I haven’t actually looked at the full protocol running “in the wild” yet, so it’s quite possible I haven’t fully grokked the system.

DLP Considered Harmful - A Rant about Reliable Certificate Pinning

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[Note: Yes, I understand the point of DLP. Yes, I’m being unrealistically idealistic. I still think this is wrong, and that we do ourselves a disservice to pretend otherwise.] The Latest Craziness It is happening again. A major computer manufacturer (this time, Dell, instead of Lenovo) shipped with a trusted root TLS CA certificate installed on the operating system. Again, the private key was included with the certificate. So now, anyone who wants to perform a man-in-the-middle attack against users of those devices can easily do so.