iPhone Secure Enclave Firmware Key Found

post type iconAug 17, 2017 - 1700 Words -
Earlier today, it was reported that a hacker/researcher called “xerub” had released the encryption key, and tools to use it, for the firmware that runs the Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) on iPhone 5S. Reporting was…breathless. Stories suggested that this move was “destroying key piece of iOS mobile security,” and that we should “be on the lookout for Touch ID hacks” and “password harvesting scams.” Is it really that bad? No, not really.

New Website Engine

post type iconAug 7, 2017 - 800 Words -
A few years back, I moved from a fairly generic Wordpress-based blog to a statically-generated system based on secondcrack. It was a fairly simple system, that I immediately hacked up to add different post types, lists, and other taxonomy-like things. And I pretty much stole the look and feel of the primary site secondcrack was built for. It worked out pretty well, overall, but I did notice at times that it was a little too bare-bones.

New Standing Desk

post type iconAug 3, 2017 - 1100 Words -
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A few months ago, I set up my computer on a counter-level table in the home theater for a few days, to see what I thought of the idea of a standing desk. I liked it, but definitely didn’t want to be standing all the time. I needed something adjustable. Then a couple months later, The Wirecutter posted a review of standing desks, and their top pick was the Fully Jarvis Bamboo desk.