Codenames Board Generator

post type iconMar 11, 2021 - 1500 Words -
Codenames is a word game where players try to collect all of their team’s cards from a board, by having their Spymaster give one-word hints which describe one or more cards on the table. Which cards belong to which team is determined by a random draw of pre-printed game maps, showing which positions belong to Red, which to Blue, and which is the Assassin card (the black card – revealing this ends the game for both teams).

1Password - Full Trip from Unlock to Encryption

post type iconNov 12, 2018 - 1900 Words -
It occurred to me sometime after I’d finished my talk that I should have a single post that pulls all the elements together. So here’s a complete walkthrough from Master Password all the way to decrypted Vault Item. If you’ve missed the first parts of the series, here’s a good starting point. General Process First, let’s review the overall sequence of events. It’s a little complicated at the beginning, depending on which client we’re using.

1Password - Wrapping up with a few quick topics

post type iconNov 9, 2018 - 1400 Words -
Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into how 1Password works. We’ve covered a lot: Why I even went down this path Unlocking macOS clients and the 2SKD process Unlocking Windows clients Decrypting data in the cloud-based vault system Unlocking and decrypting local vaults But there’s actually quite a bit I haven’t touched upon. Password Strength One thing I totally skipped over was the strength of the master password.