It’s almost time for another ShmooCon, and as usual, we’ll be out in force for the conference. We won’t have a booth this year, but we will be milling about, attending talks, and even giving a couple presentations of our own. We might even have a little puzzle to share…just ask any one of us for details. (David might have a slightly more visible puzzle contest as well, but, well, there were secrecy oaths, threats of retribution, etc., so the less said about that, the better).

Be sure to check out our talks, too. Roman Faynberg will be presenting Armor For Your Android Apps, Saturday at 3:00, a discussion of Android vulnerabilities, with plenty of real-life examples and hair-raising war stories, as well as tips and best practices to avoid such problems in development. There’s even a HackMe-type app to help demonstrate some of the problems.

At exactly the same time (sorry, we couldn’t control it!), David Schuetz will be presenting on Protecting Sensitive Data on iOS Devices. His talk will try to cut through some of the technical mumbo-jumbo and present best practices for configuration, management, and application develoment on iPads and iPhones, with a goal to making it easy to explain to management-types.

We’re also hiring! Current openings for [testers | consultants | ninjas | pirates] (sorry, no open positions for samurai or lumberjacks). If you’re interested, chat with one of us at the con, or send us an email at

So if you’re going to be at ShmooCon, stop us in the halls and have a chat. We can’t wait to see you!