August 24, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Finally I have some closure on this and a chance in upcoming contests. I attended Quahogcon. During the initial Friday nights sign in my wife and I went over the contest and she solved the sudoku while we had a drink. She went on her way as we had traveled 9 hrs from north of Toronto and she was in town to shop while I geeked out. I showed a few people I met her solution to side one of the puzzle and it seemed a good chuckle. I admit that after Hacker Jeopardy my beer intake never allowed me to get back to the puzzle. And I also admit that during closing ceremonies I was reluctant to offer up her solution to side one, my mistake and she never lets me forget it. I had attempted to solve it on and off for a few weeks after the con. I have pages of data shifting side 2 based on the side one sudoku resolution. I was fixated I guess on the 1-9 ordering and using that to re-arrange columns and/or rows of the 2nd side. It forced me to study up on many types of cipher so it was still a useful process.

I look forward to joining in again at Quahogcon next year. I won’t be so quick to discount my wifes input :)