Sometimes, the names of past Wi-Fi networks your iOS device has used get broadcast to the world as the device tries to find someone to talk to, and this can (possibly) leak information about your favorite home or work networks. So it’s a good idea to delete these networks whenever you’re done using them. Unfortunately, here’s no way to remove Wi-Fi networks from the “Preferred Network List” (PNL) on iOS, unless you happen to be in range of that network at the time. Then, and only then, do you get the option to “Forget this Network.”

So now there’s iStupid, the “indescreet SSID tool (for the) unknown PNL (on) iOS devices.” It beacons out whatever SSID you want it to, so that your phone will think it’s nearby and let you delete the network from the phone’s database.

A nice little trick…be even cooler if it could detect the aforementioned SSID pings and automatically beacon them back, to essentially “auto-discover” the networks your device knows about.