Crack It

Easy Peasy (10 points)

MD5 7ea04a3b047bc6364839c2dd34eccbb7

Such Admin, Very Weak (20 points)


LAme MAN…. (30 points)

LM F6853114CCD860A7823031F4926E4DEE

NyanNyan! (40 points)

NTLM E6E813370ACB92129BDA449EE25E0FA4

Don’t Eat That! (50 points)

Crack this admin's password:01c1fe5112f563e030f6aba0f51be085

Decipher It

Not Quite, Julius (10 points)

Clue: 0123456789....

WOPR With Cheese (20 points)

Something seems to be off with the WOPR today. 

WOPR Image

Knock Three Times If You’re There (30 points)


Under The Door (40 points)

Discovered this hidden message under my door....

Under the door

One More Time (50 points)

(A clue added later: "Remember that one time, with Ceasar, things got insane at the Ninja party?")

Do It


You've found this site, ergo you probably have a BSLV5 Badge. Send an e-mail to with the subject "$yourhandle CHALLANGE ACCEPTED" to register.

$.02 (20 points)

Post an honest and detailed review online (of 1000 characters or more) of a talk you attended. Can be positive, neutral, or otherwise.

Wheels on The Bus (30 points)

Start a sing along of "wheels on the bus", "99 bottles of beer on the wall", or even more creative (i.e. I am woman hear me roar) sing along on the bsides shuttle and video it!

Pick 3 (40 points)

Submit a photo of signed evidence that you picked 3 Locks comprising of Easy (3 pin), Medium (5 pin), and hard (5 pin + 2 security pins) in 7 minutes or less in the lockpick area.

ALL THE THINGS! (50 points)

Attend a talk in Common Ground, Breaking Ground,  Proving Ground, and and a PasswordCon Track and the After Party and get a photo with a speaker from each (after their talk in the talk room) and one of the party DJs (during the party)

Hack It

(Most of these rely on programs running on another system, and probably won’t remain available for too long, unfortunately…)

Our Bug Bounty Program (10 points)

Submit your best fake-bug discovery (i.e. information disclosure through copy/paste to other applications).

You Can’t Ignore This (20 points)

Determine the key hidden at <a href=""></a>. Note: everything in /~urbanesec/* is fair game.

This Concludes Your Evaluation (30 points)

Determine the successful password for <a href=""></a>

Short Challenge (40 points)

Discover the key at

Babytown Frolics (50 points)

Discover the key at


Cannoonnballll! (10 points)

Take a video (must be a video) of you taking a cannonball jump into the pool.

Potent Potables (20 points)

Take a photo of you doing a shot with a BSidesLV staff member.

Special Delivery (30 points)

Find out and submit @SecBarbie's room number at the Tuscany. Social Engineering of Hotel Staff is a possibility.

Jack and Coke? (40 points)

Take a photo of yourself with a signature drink vessel at Jack Daniels signature Las Vegas drinking establishment.

House Party (50 points)

Visit the first two BSides Houses and take a photo of you in front of them.