Thoughts on CyberUL and Infosec Research

post type iconJul 29, 2015 - 1900 Words -
For the past year or so, I’ve been thinking about the information security research space. Certainly, with the mega-proliferation of security conferences, research is Getting Done. But is it the right kind of research? And is it of the right quality? This has recently become a hot topic, since .mudge tweeted on June 29: Goodbye Google ATAP, it was a blast. The White House asked if I would kindly create a #CyberUL, so here goes!

Great Googly Moogly! I'm speaking at Black Hat!

post type iconJul 28, 2011 - 800 Words -
One week from today I’ll be presenting a talk at Black Hat. Black Hat! Wow. I’m still a little amazed at this turn of events, but am trying not to dwell on it for fear of slipping into a blind panic. :) But I think I’m ready. I submitted a nice long white paper a couple of weeks ago, and sent in my presentation yesterday. I’m comfortable with the material. I (think) I’ll be able to intelligently field questions.

Crazy Security Con Weekend!

post type iconApr 23, 2010 - 500 Words -
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I don’t go to a lot of information security cons. I’ve been to all the ShmooCons (they’re local, after all), and to DEFCON 3 times (plus a couple of BlackHats back when the company was paying for the trip). So, really, like 2 a year. That was pretty much my world – and I knew there were a couple others, but didn’t really pay much attention.